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Recycling bins of all kinds above "YOU" , for Glass, Paper, Plastic, Metal, Compost and E-Waste.  A separate bin for Solar Panels for "ELECTRA", indicating Electra is the process for recycling panels.

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How It Works

Electra is pioneering a green revolution in solar panel lifecycle management.
Our network of experts are all connected through our online SaaS platform.
We collect panels, organize shipping, and pay for recycling.
All you have to do is register your panels.

Sustainable Retirement
for Your PV Panels.

Our cloud-based system connects used panels to a network of collectors that transport them to a certified recycling center.
Electra Future Map
Collection Hubs - A warehouse with a truck unloading pallets of solar panels
Conveniently located collection centers accept your panels, label, and store them until they are ready to be shipped to the recyclers.
Smart Hauling - An image of a flatbed truck hauling solar panels, in watercolor style
Our network optimizes shipping details, triggers shipments, links trips and sends full truckload deliveries to the nearest recyclers.
PV Recyclers - A recycling warehouse showing pallets of solar panels being dropped off by an orange truck, painted in watercolor
Recyclers scan each panel before it is processed so we can track manufacturer details and where they came from.
A lamb lying under solar panels, indicating agrivoltaic projects on farms
We work with nonprofits to use refurbished or used solar panels and help pay for shipping.
Digital Payments - A vault and a digital payment app in watercolor showing that funds move from the central fund to individual accounts.
Electra digitally manages payments to collectors, haulers and recyclers through our SaaS platform.
Sustainability Reporting - A laptop showing reports and data graphs, indicating the application will provide detailed reports for members.
Members access real-time recycling metrics in secure accounts to help measure progress toward local and federal sustainability goals.

Why Envision a Sustainable Future for Solar?

Electra is born from my deep commitment to circularity and regenerative economics—where we don't just expand renewable energy but do it sustainably, re-innovating to minimize waste and maximize resource reuse. 

My vision for Electra is to catalyze a mindset shift around systems and resources.  By fueling responsible recycling, we spawn industry growth and fund more projects, leading to massive global solar expansion.

As finalists in the American Made Solar Prize Round 7, we're building our network and gathering feedback.  Join our Solar Panel Registry Waitlist to get status updates.
American Made badge
heather pic
Electra Founder, Heather Alvis

Who Uses Electra?

We connect Installers, Collectors, Haulers, Panel Owners and Recyclers.
If you own or work with solar panels, we can help you plan for end-of-life recycling.
Panel Owners - a house, a business and a solar field, indicating all types of owners of panels, in watercolor style
Electra lets you plan ahead to recycle your solar panels easily and cheaply. By registering your panels with us, you could save up to 99% on usual recycling costs.
Solar Installers & Developers - Solar installers painted in watercolor, installing panels on a roof
Share your green credentials with our marketing tools, plus enjoy easy panel drop-offs or scheduled bulk pickups. Offer clients peace of mind with digital documentation for responsible recycling of their panels.
Collection Hubs - A warehouse with trucks waiting and dropping off deliveries in watercolor style.
Join us as a collection hub and get paid for storing old solar panels. Check panels in using our platform, charge fees, and earn money for each panel stored and sent for recycling.
PV Recyclers - A recycling warehouse showing pallets of solar panels being dropped off by an orange truck, painted in watercolor
Grow your recycling business by supplying more panels from residential and commercial sources. We arrange full-truck trips from collection hubs to you, and our digital platform makes tracking and payment for each recycled panel easy, even helping with shipping costs for non-profit buyers.
Government and Research - a government building and person holding a report, shown in watercolor style
Align with national and state efforts to cut emissions and waste. We offer crucial data on the lifecycle of end-of-life panels and their producers, aiding industry growth and promoting a circular solar economy through cost-effective recycling solutions.
Reuse Project Owners - A farmer tending his sheep near agrivoltaic solar panels installed on his farm that provide shade.
Reuse is the most efficient way to 'recycle' solar panels, by giving them a second life. Electra simplifies this process by connecting productive, reliable panels with our growing network of off-takers. This way, your panels find a new home, and your investment helps others.

Our Key Network Supporters

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